Wardrobe Staple – The Denim Shirt

Wardrobe Staple – The Denim Shirt

A good denim shirt can easily rival its better known sister – the white shirt. I used to have a severe form of obsession with denim a few years back and while that phase is over, I am still dearly in love with denim shirts. A classic denim shirt is timeless, chic and effortless. It works with pretty much everything within the smart casual wardrobe and is super versatile. So whether you have one sitting somewhere in the wardrobe or didn’t even know you needed one, here is a bucket of style ideas on how to wear a denim shirt.

denim shirt lookdenim shirt look

Denim Shirt With Trousers

Denims shirts with tailored trousers is probably one of my favorite summer looks as it is smart enough yet has that relaxed vibe to it. White trousers are a solid go-to option in my wardrobe and I love how clean and chic the combination looks. Red is another gorgeous option! Basically, the beauty of the denim shirt is that it works with most colours. This is also a great opportunity to get wear out of your work trousers by giving them a more casual feel. So if your black or grey slacks never see the daylight outside of work, bring them out at the weekend for a trendy casual ensemble.



Denim Shirt With Skirts

Denim shirts with skirts are just as versatile – pick any colour or print and more likely than not your denim shirt will be the perfect companion. I’m a big fan of leather skirts with denim shirts in winter. It’s a great way of playing down the leather. Mini, pencil, A-line, maxi, midi – you name it! If you have skirts sitting in the wardrobe that don’t have the right top to go with it, pair them up with a denim shirt!


Denim on Denim

I adore the double denim trend and it works across all denim – shorts, skirts, jeans. If you are not brave enough to do denim of the same colour, go for different colours, for example, blue denim with white or black denim. Different shades of blue work very well together, but if you feel it’s too much, throw in a layering piece, like a blazer, coat, cardigan or waistcoat to dilute the look a little bit.


Layering with a Denim Shirt

Denim shirt is just as versatile for layering as it is for wearing on its own.

  • Pair it with biker jackets, blazers, cardigans and coats. For added interest leave the shirt open and introduce another layer inside, such a T-shirt or a vest.
  • Wear it over dresses and tops as a handy cover up for summer.
  • Use it as a layering piece with chunky jumpers.

If you are planning on layering with the shirt, opt for soft denim that will comfortably sit inside of jackets and coats.

Shop My Top Picks

If you don’t own a denim shirt yet, here are some of my top picks!


Hope you got plenty of ideas on how to style a denim shirt! It is one of those pieces that you are guaranteed to have plenty of options to wear it with in your existing wardrobe so give it a go!

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