Destination: The Perfect Wardrobe

Destination: The Perfect Wardrobe

I remember the very first wardrobe I got to audit. I was just back home from London after finally completing my studies and qualifying as an image consultant (even the name now makes me laugh!). I was full of theoretical knowledge and beaming with enthusiasm. My friend very kindly allowed me into her space and was awkwardly watching me trying to make sense of her treasured possessions. I aced it through colours and fit of clothes, got rid of anything that was looking tired and did textbook-perfect re-organisation. My friend was delighted with freshly de-cluttered space and said it felt cathartic to let go of items she knew were not working anyway.

2 weeks later I called her and could not hear the same excitement in her voice. When I asked her to stop sugar-coating and tell me exactly what it is, she said something that made me gasp. She still had nothing to wear!

I remember the sense of shock.

What do you mean you have nothing to wear? I’ve done the ultimate wardrobe overhaul in your wardrobe! All the colours in your wardrobe make you look like the decade younger version of yourself! I gave you a hall pass for your diet just by showing you the tricks of optical illusions! Your shelves look like they’ve been organized by Martha Stuart, God damn! You should be dancing in the rain with happiness, woman!

Yet, there she was stuck with a tidy wardrobe that still didn’t quite perform.

I threw myself into the sea of wardrobes trying to get to the bottom of what it is that makes a wardrobe work.

It’s been over 10 years since that first wardrobe review. I have since reverse engineered over 1000 wardrobes (such a scary number every time I think about it!). There was technically nothing wrong with my first wardrobe experience. I was just asking the wrong questions. I was asking ‘WHAT’ instead of ‘HOW’.

‘WHATs’ are easy enough to figure out. Colours that flatter your complexion. Cuts that suit your shape. Styles that reflect your personal vibe.

The secret sauce is in the ‘HOW’. HOW to go about putting all of those things together that would work for YOU. Once you figure out this HOW taking your own style preferences, lifestyle and specific circumstances into consideration, your wardrobe will come together the same way a puzzle does.

However, this is where I have to burst your bubble. There is no destination called ‘The Perfect Wardrobe’. The wardrobe of your dreams is not a destination. It’s a journey. Your style never stopd evolving. When it does, this is when you find yourself stuck in a rut. You go through different life stages – go travelling, change jobs, have kids or whatever else strange and wonderful you decide to do with your life. Your wardrobe should go hand-in-hand with your life journey adjusting and adapting to the circumstances.

What I aspire to do with this blog is to teach you to think for YOURSELF. To use the information I’ll be giving you and adapt it for YOU personally. Then, whatever turn your life takes, your wardrobe will be ready to follow. So basically, I want you to write your own ‘HOWs’ and discover your own journey as no one knows better what you need than yourself.

On this blog I’ll be giving you formulas, sometimes – guidelines, at times tips, ideas, inspiration and practicalities that have worked for my clients. Consider them all tools. Once you have the right ones, you’ll be able to analyze what YOUR style and wardrobe need and make decisions accordingly.

With the first myth out of the way, don’t go anywhere and jump onto the next post in this category to find out what the guiding principles of a versatile wardrobe are.

See you there!

Natalie x


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