How to wear over-the-knee boots

How to wear over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots have been around for a long time but are definitely in the spotlight this season as a very prominent trend. As trendy as they are right now, a pair of over-the-knee boots are a fantastic basic to have in the wardrobe at any time as they offer an endless amount of styling options. Even though we are half way through winter, I thought I’ll do a post on over-the-knees to give you some inspiration as we are still a few months away from taking the sandals out. If you don’t own a pair, start looking out for one during winter sales. You’ll be glad you did!

Choosing The Right Pair 

There are two major things to consider when choosing over-the-knee boots: material and colour.


If you want your boots to be a versatile day-wear option, suede is the perfect choice. It’s a softer alternative to leather and works incredibly well with lots of different fabrics and textures, giving you more versatility when building an outfit. 

Leather can look a bit harsh and often cheap so unless you know how to counterbalance that effect, stick with safe suede.

There is quite a big selection of fabric over-the-knee boots at the moment, particularly in satin. They are a bit more challenging to style and are extremely easy to get dirty, so my verdict when it comes to materials is to go for suede – it’s fool-proof and works with most fabrics.


When it comes to colour, black dominates the market. While it can be practical in terms of day-to-day wear and cleaning, it can sometimes feel a bit dull.

Lighter colours look super chic; beige, taupe and grey tones complement most outfits and can brighten up even the darkest look. But keeping them clean will be a challenge. So think your lifestyle through carefully and decide on the colour accordingly. As a compromise, light colours can work very well in spring when weather gets dryer and chances of ruining the boots are much lower.    

If you fancy a pop of subtle colour, deep shades of red, green and navy can look very stylish. Red is the hottest option this season but I wouldn’t be jumping on that bandwagon now unless you already own a pair.


Whether you decide to go for a flat boot, block heel or a stiletto, think carefully what you’ll be wearing your boots with and choose accordingly. If you need an everyday pair and are not good with heels, then opt for a low or no heels. If you need the boots to give your outfits a bit of a wow factor, then high heels are spot on! There is plenty of inspiration below to get you started!

What To Wear With Your Over-The-Knee Boots

The short answer is pretty much everything you’d wear with regular knee-high boots. How over the knee boots will co-ordinate with the outfit obviously depends on the fit and colour of the boots but the style itself shouldn’t limit you in any way.

  1. Jumper Dresses

Oversized jumper dresses work perfectly with over-the-knees. They remove a little overt sexiness, allowing the boots to become more understated and tasteful. 

     2.  Short Skirts & Dresses

If you opt for short skirts and dresses, textured fabrics can work well but flowing materials can create an equally interesting combination. How much of a gap to leave and whether to wear dark or nude tights is purely the matter of personal choice. If you are styling a leather skirt, make sure your boots are suede as opposed to leather. Leather on leather is rarely a good look! 

Short skirt is enough of a sexy statement so to keep things toned down give preference to chunky knits and flowing/loose silhouetes.

    3. Midi and Maxi 

Midi skirts and dresses look super chic with over-the-knee boots. Try flowing, semi-sheer fabrics like silk and chiffon. 

To give a nod to the bohemian look, pair the boots with a cool winter maxi. A sexy slit up one side will allow the boots to peek through.

   4. Skinny Jeans & Leggings

Skinny jeans or leggings with the over the knee boots are a great alternative to an ankle boot. Leather-look finishes can work just as well as regular denim (but remember to stick to suede boots in that case).


Let me know how you get on finding the perfect over-the-knee boots on my Instagram!

Till next time,

Natalie xx



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