How to accessorize with gloves

How to accessorize with gloves

If there is one accessory that is underestimated and underappreciated, it has to be gloves. So many women overlook their styling potential and miss out on a great opportunity to add the perfect finishing touch to any autumn/winter ensemble.

I’ve seen so many looks over the past month that were completely let down by a random pair of gloves or mittens. To make sure you don’t unwillingly commit the same mistake, I wanted to share a few ideas with you on how to accessorize with gloves. With sales in full swing at the moment, this is a great opportunity to find a stylish pair of gloves at just a fraction of the price.


Number one thing to consider is the material. There are lots of options to choose from: leather, imitation leather, suede and a variety of fabrics such as knits and cashmere. From my own experience and for practicality purposes leather works the best. It has much longer durability and usually ages beautifully. The problem with fabric gloves is their limited life cycle (regardless of how expensive they are). Fabric ages and wears out much quicker. Knitted mittens and gloves might look cute while they are new but once they start showing signs of wear, they will quickly let your overall look down.
Suede can look very chic but is very high-maintenance and will quickly start looking tired and dirty with regular wear.

Soft genuine leather will always add a luxury touch to your look so is well worth the investment.


It is purely the matter of personal choice what style you want to go for but do give it some consideration.

Wrist-length gloves are great to wear on a daily basis with coats and jackets while elbow-length looks stunning with coats with cropped sleeves and capes.

Consider the decor carefully. Fur, metal hardware, detail like bows, ruffles or pompoms can add to the style but at the same time limit you in what you can wear the gloves with. So make sure you are clear on what you’ll be pairing the gloves with to avoid any clashes.


And finally – choosing colour!

Black is always a safe option but since we are looking to accessorize with gloves, definitely consider adding a pop of colour! What colour to go for will obviously depend on the colour of your coat and other accessories.

There are a few options in regards to co-ordinating the colour of your gloves with the rest of the look:

  • gloves can be a focal point and don’t have to match any other elements of the look (as long as they are not clashing)
  • gloves can be a shade lighter or darker than a bag (I’m not a huge fan of colour-on-colour matching – it often looks very contrived unless you are using deep rich shades)
  • gloves can co-ordinate with the hat or a scarf (preferably not both, otherwise the overall look can end up being too matchy-matchy)
  • gloves can reference a colour of any item from the look
  • gloves can bring out a colour from a print featured in the look

There are no hard rules here, so definitely experiment around! Even black can end up looking chic and edgy if you add it to the right look. Gloves add so much character to the look and bring the look together by subtly marrying all of its elements so start experimenting!

As always, here is some style inspiration:

Here are also some lovely options if you feel like doing a spot of shopping:

Till next time,

Natalie xx


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