Black & White – nailing the achromatic look

Black & White – nailing the achromatic look

I can’t believe September is over! Is it just me or it flew by even quicker than the whole summer?? It is usually my busiest month and regardless of how much I try to plan in advance, everything ends up in a dizzy carousel of appointments and meetings.  So hence no posts all month, guys, sorry! I have plenty lined up for October, so stay tuned!

On the plus side the weather has been pretty kind to us so I still haven’t put half of my summer wardrobe away.

One of the looks I noticed myself reaching out to on a regular basis was the simple yet chic achromatic combination. When done right, this look is classy, sophisticated and edgy. Black and white are called achromatic colours (meaning there is no colour in them). Grey is another achromatic colour and can be added to the combination if you want to soften the contrast.The contrast between black and white is the strongest possible so as a result, these combinations look clean, sleek and sharp even when you’re playing with very simple pieces.

Here are a few tips to help you put together a stylish and edgy achromatic look:

  • The combination of black/white alone doesn’t guarantee your ensemble will look sophisticated. In fact, the risk of looking bland and boring is quite high with this duo. To avoid looking drab, try playing with the silhouette and tailoring. Black and white look particularly chic in structured fabrics or drapey materials. So think sharp and defined or fluid with plenty of movement. Texture and construction detail will also help to elevate the look.
  • If you are opting for a clean sleek silhouette, make sure to accessorize! This will help to balance out the simplicity of the look with added detail.
  • If blocks of black/white feel too harsh or basic, go for a print.
  • Adding grey to the combination can help create a more interesting look if you are working with blocks of colour and minimum detail.
  • Swap white for cream if white is too harsh against your skin or to make the look more suitable for autumn/winter.

Here are a few looks to give you some style inspiration!

To save you time and effort I pulled my favorite achromatic pieces together below! Happy shopping!

I think this is one of the looks that most women can effortlessly create in their existing wardrobe so pay your wardrobe a visit and line up a few options. 😉

This can easily become your simple fool-proof solution when you are stuck for ideas. Have fun experimenting!

Till next time,

Natalie xx


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